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awards & recognitions

'Oscars' of Educational Innovation


 minipreneurs secured a prestigious award from Reimagine Education (University of Wharton & Learning Lab) for our efforts in nurturing 21st century skills among kids. 

Top 100 Startups


 A Government of Karnataka initiative to encourage startups. minipreneurs made it to Top 100 startups after 3 rounds of rigorous screening process. 

Why minipreneurs?

A recent study by World Economic Forum stated that the rate of technological change is outpacing the rate at which updates are made to education curriculum. The next wave of changes will fundamentally reshape career options. 

Furthermore, majority of the kids entering primary schools today will not have the right skills to compete in the ever changing job market. 


We designed minipreneurs to make kids future ready


minipreneurs curriculum is designed by strategy & innovation experts & creative educationists based on years of experience in teaching, & in providing human-centered design & innovation consulting at Fortune 500 companies & startups. Guiding principles, 40+ life skills and 45+ tools & techniques are defined to enable kids innovate human-centered digital  and physical solutions & be ready for the future.  

With empathy as the guiding principle, we activate new skills that set the trajectory into the future where humans will be competing with machines. 

Overarching framework to introduce design, digital & data

40+ Life Skills & 45+ Techniques are aligned to The Creative S.I.D.E and are taught during different levels


kids and parents love minipreneurs

Sameera, Parent of a 6th Grader

Thanks so much for organizing the session. My kids loved the session and can't wait for the next one. 

The Creative S.I.D.E stands out as unique in comparison to any other classes that are out there.

Molly, Parent of a 3rd Grader

My kids had a great experience during the session.

I’m really impressed with the quality of the program and how many different aspects you addressed, including the balanced participation of the team members. 

Flora, Parent of a 5th Grader

My son took minipreneurs class and had a blast! They used LittleBits tool kit and guided kids through basic design principles. 

Each of the team identified a problem and came up with a solution. It was so much fun watching them presenting the solution at the end of the class. 

Deepak, Parent of a 1st Grader

I work in the entrepreneur training & support space, & am very impressed by the design & format of the minipreneurs course. minipreneurs does an excellent job of helping children develop multiple real-world skills at their own pace, while also building confidence & creativity. 

Some of our Associations & Partnerships


minipreneurs for middle school girls as part of Girls in Engineering, Math & Science (GEMS)


minipreneurs for full year as part of Life Skills program for Kunskapsskolan, a leading international school


Summer camps for IB and IGCSE students

sherpas behind the vision

Vamshi | Founder & CEO


  Vamshi is passionate about entrepreneurship, design & innovation. During his 20 year tenure, he delivered incremental value at Fortune 500 companies internationally & led teams on vision building, digital strategy, innovation, go-to-market (GTM), customer experience (CX), and digital transformation initiatives. 

Vamshi launched minipreneurs to make kids future-ready.

Gayathri | Co-Founder & COO


Gayathri is an MBA graduate turned creative educationist out of passion. Starting with Gurukul, Telugu Bharati, Telugu Badi and Jeeyar Educatoin Trust in the United States, and now with minipreneurs, Buzzing Bees and Acharyas, Gayathri’s focus has always been creative learning and holistic development of kids.

Gayathri introduced several creative activities to make the curriculum engaging for different ages.

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